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KENNEWICK, WA – The Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) is implementing a mandatory watering
schedule beginning July 7th that will last at least through the month of July. While the district currently
operates on a voluntary schedule, worsening drought conditions necessitates this change to ensure
continued water availability for all customers throughout the remainder of the irrigation season.

Why a Watering Schedule Matters:

During low water years, like this one, canals carry less water. If everyone waters their lawns
simultaneously, typically in the morning, it creates a surge in demand that can quickly deplete canal levels.

This drop in pressure can lead to individuals watering for longer periods to compensate, further straining
the system.

A Spread-Out Approach for Efficient Water Use:

A mandatory watering schedule, spread throughout the day or evening, helps maintain consistent water
pressure in the canals. This ensures everyone has access to adequate water for their lawns and gardens.

Important Information for Customers:

Drip irrigation systems and hose watering are not affected by the mandatory schedule and are

Customers can find detailed information and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on our
website at

If customers have questions, they can contact our Customer Service Department at 509.586.9111.

Understanding Our Water Source:

KID acknowledges the seriousness of this situation. It’s important to understand that the amount of water
available to us is determined by the Bureau of Reclamation, not a choice we make locally. Unlike some
nearby districts with senior water rights or access to the Columbia River, KID is primarily a junior water
rights holder and relies on water from the drought-prone Yakima River.

Stay Informed Throughout the Summer:

KID will continue to provide updates as the water situation evolves. We appreciate your cooperation in
reducing water usage to ensure a reliable water supply for all our customers.

Watering schedule is based off the last digit of your property address:

For example, if your address was 2015 S. Ely Street, you would have the opportunity to water 20 minutes per zone on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday morning.