Canal & Water Safety

Canal & Water Safety

The Kennewick Irrigation District offers canal safety presentations aimed at educating elementary aged children on the dangers of canals and how they can stay safe and feel empowered to share the message with friends and family.

We would like to bring the message to your school or after-school care program. For more information, click below to contact Public Relations.

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation provides irrigation districts with coloring books for children regarding safety and drowning prevention. KID is a proud member of the Tri-Cities Safe Kids Coalition working together with other community organizations in teaching families how to keep kids safe from preventable injuries.

We encourage kids to be safe around water and want parents to share the message “Canals are not for play, stay away!” with their children. To request coloring books or information regarding water safety contact our Public Relations Coordinator at (509) 586-6012 ext 128.

It's not just canals...

Acres of crops and orchards conceal more drowning hazards than you may think. In addition to canals, there are farm ponds, slurry storage pits, water-filled well tailings pits and wells. The best advice is to just stay away from them. If you MUST work near a canal, keep a few things in mind:

Fast-moving water can knock you off your feet and carry you a long way, even if it’s only a foot deep!

Swift undercurrents and turbulence can drag you under and keep you there, even if you are an excellent swimmer.

The sides of a canal, whether concrete or dirt, are often steep and slippery, which makes them almost impossible to climb.

Stay away from grates, culverts and spillways. They can also be hazardous.