KID is creating a Vendor List to award contracts for materials, equipment, supplies or services up to $40,000 in lieu of the requirements for formal sealed bidding (per RCW 87.03.437 and RCW 39.04.190). The Vendor List shall consist of all responsible vendors who have requested to be on this list, and where required by law are properly licensed or registered to provide materials, equipment, supplies or perform such services in this state.

Contracts will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder as defined in RCW 43.19.1911. KID requires written bids from eligible vendors. Immediately after an award is made, the bid quotations shall be recorded, open to public inspection, and shall be available by telephone inquiry (RCW 39.04.190). Contracts awarded through the Vendor List will not be advertised.

Vendors interested in being placed on the Vendor List must fill out and submit the form below.