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This morning during open session, the K.I.D. Board of Directors unanimously voted to begin implementing a mandatory watering schedule for K.I.D. customers. The new schedule was designed using analytical data aimed at leveling out water usage by customers and therefore, putting less of a strain on the system.

Home owners will be notified that beginning May 31st, they must water according to a District designated schedule. The schedule is based upon the last digit in their address. The schedule will allow all customers equitable usage. Each customer will have the continued ability to water 2 days per week for 30 minutes per zone with the change being they must water during their assigned A.M. or P.M. block. The A.M. block is from 12 midnight until 12 noon. and the P.M. block is from 12 noon until 12 midnight.

Watering Schedule:




 Sunday 5 4 & 7
 Monday 3 & 9  2
 Tuesday 1  6 & 8
 Wednesday 4 & 7  0
 Thursday 5  3 & 9
 Friday 6 & 8  2
 Saturday 1  0

Additionally, the Board passed Resolution 2015-10, allowing the District the authority to begin enforcing these new mandatory watering schedules with penalties to violators of the regulations. The District believes this is the best way to ensure that the limited resources available will be equitably distributed to all K.I.D. customers.

The enforcement schedule is as follows:

  1. Enforcement of water availability schedule:
    • 1st and 2nd offense of watering on any day other than assigned, warning issued to property owner;
    • 3rd  offense of watering on any day other than assigned will be charged a $100.00 penalty and valve locked off for seven calendar days;
    • 4th offense of watering on any day other than assigned will be charged a $100.00 penalty to property owner and water locked off for remainder of season;
  2. Tampering with lock:
    • Removal of lock by any person other than an authorized KID employee will result in a $500.00 charge payable prior to water service being reestablished.
    • 2nd offense will result in the irrigation service being capped for the remainder of the season with the District seeking prosecution with the county prosecutor for tampering with a public facility.
  3. Appeals:
    • All charges may be appealed during the annual Board of Equalization.
    • A landowner may appeal a lock off or capping of a turn out to the Board of Directors.

The resolution to enforce watering schedules is the first enforcement stance taken by the district in its history.  Watering Schedules will be posted to our website.

Read the entire K.I.D. Drought Plan and Enforcement Resolution 2015-10 on our Drought Information page.

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