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With the hot weather KID encourages its water users to follow these watering tips:

  • Watering during midday is encouraged and does not harm lawns. KID experiences a 300% to 500% spike in water usage from 5 am to 10am and the system was not built for that type of water demand. The canal system was built for water to be used on a 24 hour basis rather than in a peak period.

    Despite the evaporative losses, midday watering spreads out the demand and helps prevent low pressure problems. The morning water demand spike causes low pressure in some areas which then causes users to leave their sprinklers on longer, and as a result more water is diverted from the Yakima River than if the demand is spread throughout the day.

    Every bucket of water diverted at Prosser Dam for irrigation is accompanied by 1.25 buckets of water that are also diverted to run the hydro pumps at the Chandler pumping plant. Reducing water demand reduces river diversions.

    Water users with city water or well supplied water should time their watering to minimize evaporation.

  • Add days per week to the watering schedule rather than adding minutes per day.
  • Deep watering with ½ inch of water every two to three days in 100+ degree temperature will keep lawn healthy and will maximize the water supply. 
  • Keep lawns extra long to retain moisture. Set your mower to the highest blade setting. Don’t fertilize lawns when it is hot.
  • Canals and ponds can be dangerous for swimming for pets and people. KID delivers raw Yakima River water which is not for recreation, aquaculture, human and animal consumption or use.

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