Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Plan Update

As we enter the 2016 irrigation season, KID is grateful for the improved water and snowpack conditions in the basin that have contributed to a forecast for a year of full water supply. The possibility of drought in the Yakima basin always looms, and early water supply predictions last fall were dire. Carryover storage in […]

Where is my water?

For your convenience, KID has developed an interactive map for our customers to help identify water outages and relay additional details. To use the map, click on ‘Water Status Map‘ on the front page. Areas shown in red identify areas experiencing a water outage. When you click on the red outage area, you will see […]

Letter from the President

Welcome to the 2016 water season. I would like to thank all of you for your understanding and cooperation with the District dealing with last year’s water shortage. Without the drastic measures taken last year — reduced water deliveries, water scheduling, and the many other actions that the District had to take — we all […]

KID Anticipates Normal Water Season for 2016

Today the United States Bureau of Reclamation released a preliminary forecast for the total water supply available to Yakima Basin irrigation districts. As a pro-ratable water right holder, KID is anticipating a full annual water allotment for the 2016 water season.   After a record drought year in 2015 resulting in necessary and unprecedented actions by […]