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July is Smart Irrigation Month!

Smart Irrigation Month was an initiative kick started by the Irrigation Association with the aim of educating individuals regarding the benefits of smart irrigation technologies, products, and services. Amongst many examples of water wastage, one is directly associated with sprinklers — people turn on sprinklers but forget to turn them off! Therefore, the concept of smart irrigation was founded to ensure the right technology is being used at the right time.

The purpose of Smart Irrigation Month is to raise public awareness through campaigns that promote efficient water use, saving money on utility bills, nurturing green spaces, and the protection of a community’s water supply. Why is this essential? Because more than nine billion gallons of water is used each day for landscape irrigation and over 50% of this water is wasted due to overwatering. Today, the Earth’s water reserves are diminishing since it has been used for irrigation of agriculture for decades.

Irrigation is believed to have started in Egypt, in Mesopotamia. People directed an overflow of water in any one region to a place where water for agriculture was required. The automation of irrigation systems began in the 1800s, and there has been no turning back since then. The shift towards automatic irrigation systems occurred because the value of a house at that time was often based on the condition of its lawn. To ensure the right amount of water was provided to the plants, the sprinkler system was introduced in the 1950s. This was followed by several innovations that controlled the activity of these sprinklers.

Why Smart Irrigation Month is Important

It Creates Awareness Regarding Smart Irrigation Methods

There are several methods of smart irrigation, but not everyone knows what they are and how they benefit society. This is why this month is essential to spread the word about the benefits of all smart irrigation methods.

It Reduces Water Wastage

When people gain knowledge regarding smart irrigation and start adopting these methods, water wastage can be instantly reduced.

It Helps the Globe

Water conservation is important if we want to preserve our environment and minimize future water shortages. Smart Irrigation Month, in effect, helps the globe since it educates people regarding ways of saving water.

Five Fun Facts You Need to Know About Smart Irrigation


  1. Running things online

    Smart irrigation systems have WiFi controllers.

  2. Reduce the water bills

    Smart water technology can reduce water usage by 20 to 40%.

  3. LED lights that explain it all

    Smart irrigation systems have LED lights that glow when irrigation is needed.

  4. Rain sensors

    The systems have rain sensors that stop sprinklers during rain and for some time after it.

  5. Sensing data

    The systems have soil moisture systems that measure water content on the surface.

    Smart Irrigation Tips: