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The Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) would like to let our customers know that the last anticipated date of water delivery for the 2015 season will be Sunday, October 11, 2015.

On October 12th KID will begin baseline testing. Baseline testing provides the opportunity to measure the amount of seepage from the canal. During testing canals may appear to be more full than usual due to the intentional backup of water which allows us to measure the amount of loss from starting to end point.

KID would like to thank all of our customers who helped to make the outcome of this year’s drought much better than it would have otherwise been by following the watering schedule. The better than anticipated results could not have been accomplished without you.

We would also like to remind our customers to prepare their systems and their yards now, for the winter months ahead and in preparation for a low water year next season.

After water is turned off for the season winterize your valve and have sprinkler systems blown out to help prevent cracking and breakage during freezing temperatures.

Prepare your yard for a low water year by taking a few steps this fall: remove water thirsty grass from around trees, add mulch around trees and shrubs to hold moisture in, aerate, dethatch and fertilize lawns, and if you choose to plant new vegetation, choose varieties that are drought tolerant or have low water requirements. These steps will help better prepare you in the event of a low water year in 2016.

KID will continue to post relevant news and information helpful to our customers to our website and on our facebook page throughout the year.

For instructional videos, including winterizing your 3-Way valve, please visit our website at or contact our Customer Service team at 586-9111.

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