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From the Board President (Fall 2015)

The drought of 2015 proved to be one for the record books, and it took the efforts of our entire community to get through it. We want to take a moment to thank everyone who cooperated with the District watering schedule. As many of you have come to learn, KID is unique among other Yakima […]

Reflections from the District Manager

Previous investments paid off in a big way during this year’s drought, and will help even more in the coming years. When we’re faced with challenges in life, it is often in the time spent reflecting on the event that we learn a great deal about ourselves and others. In looking back on the drought […]

The Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan

KID is working with federal and state agencies to increase water supply in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Now that the 2015 irrigation season has ended in this year of record-setting drought, KID is actively working to enhance and protect our communities’ water supplies and to increase our resiliency during future droughts. An important […]

Thirty Years of Change and Drought: A Conversation with DeWayne Miller

With more than 30 years serving the region with KID, DeWayne shares his thoughts, experiences, and how the job has changed. DeWayne Miller has been with the Kennewick Irrigation District for about 36 years. He is the longest tenured member of the District. Over the years, DeWayne has seen many changes to the Tri-Cities — […]

Kennewick Irrigation District Office Closure

The Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) would like to let our customers know that the District office, located at 12 W Kennewick Avenue, will be closed on Monday, November 9, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. for an all staff meeting. The office will reopen at 2:00 p.m. and close at the regular time of […]

Kennewick Irrigation District Removes Watering Restrictions for…2015

The Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) would like to let our customers know that beginning Sunday, September 20, 2015, all restrictions on irrigation water usage by District customers will be removed and will remain in effect until the last day of the water season on Sunday, October 11th. Although customers will have the ability to water […]

Last Day of Irrigation Water Service for 2015

The Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) would like to let our customers know that the last anticipated date of water delivery for the 2015 season will be Sunday, October 11, 2015. On October 12th KID will begin baseline testing. Baseline testing provides the opportunity to measure the amount of seepage from the canal. During testing canals […]

Change to K.I.D. Drought Watering Schedule

Due to cooler temperatures, water supply available to the Kennewick Irrigation District has increased and K.I.D. has adjusted the Drought Watering schedule to allow our customers to make the most of this opportunity. Scheduling allows customers to maximize equitable use of the water available. The District requests homeowners begin following the new schedule immediately. Homeowners […]

Increased Flows Allow K.I.D. Customers Spot Watering of Lawns

Due to increased water availability, effective immediately the Kennewick Irrigation District is again allowing spot watering of areas of lawn showing signs of distress. Watering will be allowed outside of the established schedule for up to 30 minutes per area with a hose. These watering guidelines will remain in effect until further notice.

Kennewick Irrigation District To Hold Drought Related Town Hall Meeting

Kennewick Irrigation District will hold a special meeting for purposes of sharing information on the drought and gathering input from its customers on elements of the District’s Drought Policy and Response.   The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 13th, 2015, at the Kennewick Red Lion, located at 1101 N. Columbia Center Blvd. […]